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Travelling overseas with an Assistance Dog can be overwhelming and intimidating for some handlers.

Our vision is for Travel - without barriers.

TravelPaws is transforming the travel experience for people with Assistance Dogs by:


  • unravelling the complex maze of additional travel requirements

  • organising & presenting the essentials in a digestible format

  • providing a platform to discover & share experiences

  • inspiring handlers to consider the possibilities of travel

  • campaigning to eliminate barriers & enable urgent travel


We want everyone to have the opportunity to travel and explore the world...without barriers.

Travelling Obligations

Travelling with our Assistance Dog overseas is fabulous, but we don’t want to put our pups at risk, so understanding any travel obligations is critical.

International Handler Community

Do you want to share stories and learn from other handlers across the world? Be part of our TravelPaws community.

An Assistance Dog is defined as a guide, hearing, or service dog specifically trained to do more than one task to mitigate the effects of an individual’s disability.

Travelling Obligations

Travelling with your Assistance Dog internationally

You don’t have to compromise your independence, safety, security or mobility when you travel overseas.

Leaving your Assistance Dog behind is like leaving your eyes, legs, ears, safety or security behind. You should not be forced to leave your dog behind because the process is too hard.

Take your dog on your next holiday!

Read our Quarantine information to find out how.

International handler community

TravelPaws International handler community

  • You could be from America, Japan, South Africa, France, UK or anywhere

  • Perhaps you have a guide dog, hearing dog, medical alert dog, PTSD service dog, mobility, autism assist or other Assistance Dog

Be part of our International community and share facts or experiences with other handlers in the TravelPaws Facebook group.

Read our Travelling Paws blog to hear about the roadblocks we encounter when we travel and read short stories about our dogs and those shared travelling moments that are our greatest memories.


Please email if you would like us to include your stories, pictures or videos.


TravelPaws Country Travel Guides and General Travel Tips

Read firsthand experience and tips from other handlers on how to navigate your next destination with your dog; the whys, wherefores, tips and pitfalls.

  • Share ideas on travelling on public transport, staying in accommodation, enjoying restaurants and retail outlets, as well as toileting know-hows and other important facts and experiences​

  • Content will develop as our international handler community grows

Now you can visit our pages:

  • Country Travel Guides: Japan 

  • General Travel Tips: International travel, Flights and Toileting



Lastly, I would like to shout out a huge thank you to my beautiful first Seeing Eye Dog, Walter and my dear Guide Dog, Nixon both of whom, in different ways, helped me find my passion to travel again. 

Dedication to Walter

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Walking at our local park with my first Seeing Eye Dog, Walter in harness. Walter is gazing into the camera as he strides out expertly on the job…

Visual description:

Sitting on a step with my Guide Dog, Nixon who is wearing a TravelPaws bandana...