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Visit the Land of the Rising Sun and home of the Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics 2020

Japan is the most beautiful, exotic country and the food culture is amazing.

What an experience if you can have it!

To take your dog or not? 


It’s worth considering the personality of your dog before deciding to take them to Japan - would they cope with long flights, crowds, small spaces?


See the travel tips section below and make a considered decision.​

Unfortunately, Japan has a very narrow definition of Assistance Dog: "Service dogs for mental disorders, autism, emotional disorders, epileptic disorders, PTSD, etc. cannot be accepted as assistance dogs in Japan."

See Eligibility Criteria

Visual description:

Guide Dog Nixon has made some great friends in Japan

The Seasons

  • Spring and autumn are beautiful times of the year to travel

  • If you travel in summer, take care on the very hot concrete with your dog’s paws and be warned it is humid for you and your dog

  • If you go in winter take care in slippery conditions.

Visual description:

Guide Dog Nixon in front of the cherry blossoms in Spring 2019



Temporary Assistance Dog Certification

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