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Through my eyes Chapter 8 .... Master Chef

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Tooki has decided that it is time to cease her full time job.

Quit, Resign, Retire. Flee the country if necessary.

She doesn’t care about holiday pay, severance pay, overtime or superannuation. Nothing.

Final. Kaput. Over, Done. No more.

Time to wean the puppies. The 24 hour open Milk Bar Self-Serve is now closed.

The job of looking after the puppies has been delegated to yours truly, me. I will step up to the dinner plate. The job is mine. My puppies will not starve, not on my watch.

They cry, I feed. They whimper, I feed. They sit, I feed. They look at me a certain way, I feed. They sneeze, grunt, groan, cough, I feed. I feed. I feed. I feed.

I have a new found talent. I simmer, fry, boil, steam, grill, baste, sauté, marinade, chop, slice, dice etc. You name it, I cook. I should go on Master Chef. And I might add, my puppies LOVE the delicious meals that I present to their awaiting watering mouths. I’m a success.

Upon relaying to Nina my newfound career, I offered to put some of my cooked meals in containers for Nixon on the next plane trip. With a shake of her head and her voice repeating the words, NO!, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was definitely no problem. Maybe she wasn’t sure when the containers could be returned.

Silly me, wrong again. Nina explained the feeding procedure she takes when flying with NIxon. Limiting his food and water before they board the plane. Food will encourage him to toilet. It could make him vomit. It could upset his tummy, dehydrate him or give him an energy boost. The idea is for him to completely relax and slow down his energy levels. Makes sense..

Nina will only give him an ice cube to stop dehydration or 1-2 kibble if he looks starving.

Bon Appétit

My final words to Nina were. “So the air hostess doesn’t even offer Nixon refreshments or nibbles. Do you pay extra for that?”

No wonder Nixon leads the way and not me.

Hi, my name is Karen.

I am part of Nina’s extended family. I am like the older sister she never had. I knew Nina’s first Seeing Eye Dog, Walter. I was a significant part of both their lives as I am with her current and second Guide Dog, Nixon. This is their ongoing story seen though my eyes, a person with no prior knowledge of Assistance Dogs but with a deep love of my furry babies. Talk soon.

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