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Through my eyes....Introduction

Updated: Mar 23, 2020


To say a final farewell is one of the hardest things in life to endure. To have to say this to our furry loved one is excruciating.

This is Walter’s final moments.

He is tired and visibly weak. No longer can he lead his beloved Nina. His eyes said all that had to be said. This is our last goodbye.

Walter was not only Nina’s Seeing Eye Dog but her best friend. He was her everything. He was also our friend. We too felt his parting. How was Nina to cope without Walter by her side. He was there for every part of Nina’s life. Her moments were his moments. Who was going to continue Walter’s legacy?

Little did we know that a puppy by the name of Nixon was going to be “the one”.

Hi, my name is Karen.

I am part of Nina’s extended family. I am like the older sister she never had. I knew Nina’s first Seeing Eye Dog, Walter. I was a significant part of both their lives as I am with her current and second Guide Dog, Nixon. This is their ongoing story seen though my eyes, a person with no prior knowledge of Assistance Dogs but with a deep love of my furry babies. Talk soon.

Karen with Seeing Eye Dog Walter and Guide Dog NIxon

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