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Through my eyes Chapter 5.... I Can Do This

I love going for a walk with my fur babies. Meandering along, daydreaming and relaxing. How easy is that!

Not so easy when I tag along with Nina and Nixon.

Meandering has changed to a steady pace. Daydreaming is non-existent. Chatting limited. Short cuts off limits and crossing roads is an absolute nightmare for me. And they are the key words, "for me".

Why is it that I feel I know better than Nixon?

Example... I like crossing the road.

'STOP. Quick, walk fast, jog. Keep going, the car will slow down when the driver sees us. Step off the curb so the cars see that we want to cross the road. C’mon let’s go now, oh no, wait. Oh no, we can’t go. Wait, it’s a truck. They never slow down for pedestrians. Gee, it’s a bike -that shouldn’t be on the road there'.

Obviously, I take the risk, but Nixon would never take a risk. That’s why it’s me that gets the stern reprimand from Nina.

“Don’t interfere with Nixon and my decisions while he is working”.

They are always communicating with each other without words. Nina is guided by Nixon through the harness. He would never put his beloved Nina in a compromising situation. He knows better. He is always watching their environment. Anticipating. Ready for any obstacles. He won’t be distracted while he is working. His concentration will never be compromised.

He has a job to do. To lead the way.

And ...ignore me totally.

Good move Nixon. Great decision making.

Nina and Nixon totally ignoring Karen's propensity to interfere with road crossings

Hi, my name is Karen.

I am part of Nina’s extended family. I am like the older sister she never had. I knew Nina’s first Seeing Eye Dog, Walter. I was a significant part of both their lives as I am with her current and second Guide Dog, Nixon. This is their ongoing story seen though my eyes, a person with no prior knowledge of Assistance Dogs but with a deep love of my furry babies. Talk soon.

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