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Through my eyes Chapter 10 .... Wee can pee

The time has come to house train my two puppies.

I sit down with these two cute as button girls and proceed to explain the importance of toileting outside and not in the house.

They are not paying much attention to me (as usual), but I am sure they fully understand my plan. I will watch their every movement. I will follow them constantly. I will be relentless.

Big shock! They run in different directions. They take flying leaps on the lounge chairs. They slide across the floor. They run into themselves. They ricochet off walls. They are out of control. I can’t keep up. Then it happens.

One is sniffing and circling. Quick. Get her outside. Scooped up in my arms and running for the door. Outside, put her down on the grass. Success.

Happy days... till I get back in the house, only to be stared at as the other puppy quickly squats and pees.

These 2 girls are never to be trusted. They are to be watched at all times. You must be one step ahead of them always. Don’t be fooled by their cuteness. Our vet an vouch for that “golden rule”.

Once again, I ask Nina “Do you ever worry about Nixon peeing on air hostess’s stockings?”

"No” is her giggling response. "Flight attendants are well and truly safe with his toileting.

He definitely has better social skills than your out of control lovable furry babies.

But remember Karen, they are doing their job”.

Wee 2 can Wee

Hi, my name is Karen.

I am part of Nina’s extended family. I am like the older sister she never had. I knew Nina’s first Seeing Eye Dog, Walter. I was a significant part of both their lives as I am with her current and second Guide Dog, Nixon. This is their ongoing story seen though my eyes, a person with no prior knowledge of Assistance Dogs but with a deep love of my furry babies. Talk soon.

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