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Travelling Internationally

It is so good to have your Assistance Dog by your side when you travel overseas, but we all know that travelling internationally with our dogs can be stressful. Here are some points you might like to consider before you travel. 


There are some factors to consider before you travel overseas. Here are a few:

  • Is this country an approved destination according to my local Quarantine Authority?

  • Can I buy my brand of dog food overseas? Alternatively, do I need time (3 months) to wean my dog onto new food?

  • Have I checked potential showstopping issues e.g. disease outbreaks, riots

  • Have I rung to confirm that Quarantine can meet my plane/cruise at every port including my return before I book?

  • Have I fulfilled all my Quarantine obligations?

  • Have I checked and double checked all necessary paperwork thoroughly?

  • Have I packed two copies of all paperwork so that I always have a copy of everything on me throughout the trip?

  • Have I kept the paperwork to bring my dog back home?

  • Have I checked all the treatments that my dog receives with exactly what is required? (I don't want to scare you but Authorities will put your dog in a Quarantine facility if there is a mistake)

  • Where is a central vet for emergencies (ideally this should be the same vet for all your quarantine health checks overseas)?

  • What are the accessibility rules?

  • Am I allowed to bring my dog food (sealed or unsealed) into the country? Have I got extra dog food on the plane in case my bag gets lost?

  • Are there stairs or lifts generally available?

  • Do I need to prepare anything for the weather (for my dog)?

  • Are there paralysis ticks?

  • Can I use my dog’s seat belt harness if someone is driving?

  • Have I notified every transport operator (airline, cruise line, bus/train) of my arrival?

  • Have i notified every port operator (airport, seaport, stations), including layovers, of my arrival?

  • Have I packed my Emergency Dog Kit ?-we recommend you keep this on you at all times (photo of your dog, list of their food requirements, medication needs and vet history, and any of their actual medication needed)


When you travel overseas with your Assistance Dog, you should have your local harness or jacket, identification tag and documentation with you always. Some countries require a temporary Assistance Dog Certification too.

Rest time

Don’t forget your dog needs down time after lots of new travel experiences.

Keep your dog clean

Make sure your dog is well groomed before and during your travels, as different places have different hygiene requirements.

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